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Swing yourself to a
better concentration




At Home

Control stress and inner turmoil

Do you feel inner turmoil or live a stressful everyday life, do you often have an increased need to move? With SWNX under the table, you can do this without distracting and disturbing others.

Much better concentration

SWNX has the same effect as clicking with a pen or drumming on the edge of the table. It promotes concentration so that you can better focus on what you are doing in the moment.

Better blood circulation in the legs

Do you suffer from swollen or sleeping legs? Or do you need to get more movement into your everyday life in a gentle way? SWNX provides better blood circulation and gentle exercise.

  • SWNX One

    439,20 kr. Ekskl. moms.
  • Trial

    319,20 kr.639,20 kr. Ekskl. moms.
  • SWNX Fittings

    55,20 kr. Ekskl. moms.
  • SWNX Original

    639,20 kr. Ekskl. moms.

SWNX with a good conscience

The wooden board of the SWNX foot swing is produced from sustainable furniture wood in a solid and durable quality. That is why the swing easily lasts for many years of intensive use.

With a SWNX foot swing under the table, you can get all the movement you need into everyday life without disturbing others.

The location above the floor also means that the SWNX swing does not make cleaning difficult - or makes it difficult to move the table.

So SWNX with a clear conscience – towards both the environment and your surroundings.

SWNX was developed by a school teacher, who himself as a child had problems sitting still whilst in school.

"We humans are often quick to judge.
But if we dive a little deeper, give people – and children – a little more time, and see, understand and accommodate them a little better, I think we can get a lot more out of each other.”

Peter Dubgaard, inventor of SWNX

We are proud to have won awards

This easy to install

SWNX comes in a size that fits almost all tables.
It is easy to set up, easy to adjust in length and can be expanded with a sensory mat
to provide tactile stimuli. Brackets and screws are included.

See how easy it is in the video here:

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