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Get more energy and greater job satisfaction

Stimulates restlessness and inner restlessness, so you can better concentrate on work tasks. It not only makes you more productive, it also gives you better circulation and reduces stress from long hours of work at a desk. 

Control stress and inner turmoil

Do you feel inner turmoil or live a stressful everyday life, do you often have an increased need to move? With SWNX under the table, you can do this without distracting and disturbing others.

Much better concentration

SWNX has the same effect as clicking with a pen or drumming on the edge of the table. It promotes concentration so that you can better focus on what you are doing in the moment.

Better blood circulation in the legs

Do you suffer from swollen or sleeping legs? Or do you need to get more movement into your everyday life in a gentle way? SWNX provides better blood circulation and gentle exercise.

Inner turmoil hinders productivity

It can be difficult to concentrate if you can't find the quietness required to complete tasks at a desk.  

The restlessness can strain your efficiency, and it increases the stress level when the day's tasks become difficult to achieve. The lack of calm to carry them out can become a vicious circle, because the accumulation of work tasks leads to even greater physical restlessness and inefficiency.

If you share an office with others, your restlessness can also be a nuisance to them.

Do you click with the pen or drum on the edge of the table?

If you do, then you are one among many. And that is completely understandable, because humans are made for movement. Unfortunately, it is often a nuisance to the environment when we find ways to drain the energy through sedentary work. With a SWNX foot swing under the desk, you stimulate your urge to move in the same way as you do by clicking with the pen and the drum on the table – only discreetly and completely silently.

For many people, a little movement makes all the difference in whether they can concentrate and immerse themselves. If you swing your feet or do vein pumping exercises under the table, you are not only taking care of your colleagues, you are also improving your health and increasing your efficiency.

A healthier life – both during and after work?

Do you get lower back pain or do your legs start to fall asleep when you sit down and work? Or do you get stiff knees or discomfort after an operation?

Then the soft and swinging movements with the SWNX foot swing can help. It gives you a better working position, and the movement stimulates blood circulation. The movement also has a great beneficial effect as part of rehabilitation after an operation.

Get more out of your hand
in everyday life

Get calm in everyday life, so you can tick off the entire To-do list without feeling stressed.

There is nothing worse than a lengthy to-do list and a calendar full of meetings if you find it difficult or painful to sit still for an entire working day.

That alone can be enough to make it difficult to maintain concentration. Because when you already know in advance that it will be a challenge, you cannot avoid being stressed - and stress can easily destroy your concentration and calmness to immerse yourself.

Imagine how wonderful it will be if you have an effective remedy to get rid of it in everyday life!

Accomplish your tasks in less time

It can be difficult to keep track of a fully booked meeting calendar and a long list of tasks if you feel pain or become restless when sitting down.

The prospect of such a day can increase your stress level even before you reach the workplace, making it even more difficult to concentrate when you first sit down. 

By accepting your natural urge to move and stimulating your restlessness with a SWNX foot pad under the desk, you will get better and healthier throughout the day. The movements give you more energy and better concentration. And as a bonus, you will experience increased energy and surplus after the evening, because you have stimulated your circulation.

I am very happy with my SWNX. When I've been up for a long time and have to sit and work at the computer, it's nice to swing my legs. It gives some peace in some strange way. I also love that I can wiggle my feet, which don't sleep as much as I have otherwise been 'troubled' by before.

Rikke from Broager Sparekasse

I just had to get used to using my SWNX foot swing. But after a month I was super happy with it. I am less tired when I finish work. And it provides more energy both during and after work. It is also great that I can move my legs when I sit and work. I can definitely recommend the SWNX foot swing.

Christian Aabling, Frontmate

You are only 3 steps away from a better working day!

SWNX is neither difficult to order, set up nor use in everyday life. 

Order SWNX online in our webshop

You order SWNX quickly and easily in the webshop and get it delivered within a few days.

Install SWNX in just 5 minutes

SWNX is easy to set up under a table using the supplied bracket and some screws.

Enjoy the peace - and that it lasts

Then it's just a matter of enjoying the peace and the good company with your child.

The creator of SWNX was himself plagued by restlessness

Accomplish your tasks in less time

In Peter Dubgaard's schooling and education, he has been challenged by the fact that he had difficulty sitting still. Bodily restlessness made him restless, and it interfered with his ability to concentrate.

In his adult life as a teacher, he met many students who struggled with the same challenges that he himself had. That is why he decided to invent an aid so that the students could have an outlet for the bodily restlessness and concentrate on the lessons.

After a sea of prototypes and expert evaluations, SWNX has become a reality.

With it, both children and adults can get an outlet for excess energy when they have to sit still for a long time.

We have no doubt that the foot swing will give you a healthier and more efficient working day. In fact, we are so sure that you can borrow it for 30 days before you decide.

Try SWNX today

Would you like to investigate what the foot swing SWNX can do for you in your working day? Then test a SWNX foot swing for 30 days. The amount is deducted if you choose to buy the foot swing after testing!

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