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More calm in the kindergarten

In the kindergarten, the children must develop both through creative and active play and through sedentary activities that require concentration. For those children who find it difficult to sit still at a table, the SWNX mini can be the solution. It gives the children the opportunity to get rid of energy while sitting quietly at the table.

Control stress and inner turmoil

Do you feel inner turmoil or live a stressful everyday life, do you often have an increased need to move? With SWNX under the table, you can do this without distracting and disturbing others.

Much better concentration

SWNX has the same effect as clicking with a pen or drumming on the edge of the table. It promotes concentration so that you can better focus on what you are doing in the moment.

Better blood circulation in the legs

Do you suffer from swollen or sleeping legs? Or do you need to get more movement into your everyday life in a gentle way? SWNX provides better blood circulation and gentle exercise.

Restlessness is contagious

Restlessness during meals and during sedentary activities can quickly spread in the group of children. It's upsetting for everyone, and it's no fun for the troubled child to be constantly reprimanded. Often it is about the child being overcome by an urge to move that needs to be stimulated. 

Create calm for the motorically
restless kids

SWNX mini helps children between 2 and 7 years to get an outlet for their urge to move.

It hangs under the table and is silent when in use, so it does not attract attention from the other children.

By accepting and stimulating children's urge to move, you help the child to be more calm, better concentrated and have greater patience.

Get more quality time with the children

It can be a great frustration to spend a lot on individual children who cannot find peace when there is an assembly or at mealtime.

It can be especially stressful when it takes a lot of time away from the educational activities you want to do with the children.

With a foot swing under the table, you help restless children get rid of excess energy while they sit calmly at the table.

I believe that SWNX can help many children who may otherwise seem ill-mannered or border-seeking, but who are basically just looking for bodily stimuli in order to feel themselves and thereby find peace.


SWNX is easy to assemble and can be adapted to the individual child in a few seconds. SWNX is a superb initiative for the child who has challenges with sitting still and concentrating.

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3 benefits for children with motor restlessness

The foot swing SWNX gives children the opportunity for physical movement while sitting quietly at a table. It helps them to:

Reduce restlessness and hyperactivity

Increase concentration and learning

Not to disturb the other children

Spend time on what matters

Spend the time on what is important to you and the children

A kindergarten can be a magical place where children can develop through play and creative activities. It is a place where they explore and develop their motor skills and imagination and learn new things about themselves and the world around them.

But for some children, indoor activities that take place at a table are a big challenge. Especially right after physical activity. They can't sit still on the chair, they fiddle with things and push their mates. And it can be difficult to stay seated.

It disturbs the group, and it seizes the attention of the adults. And as an educator, you often have to dig deep into your professionalism to accommodate the child and hide your irritation.

There is a very simple solution to the problem, which has been tested and recognized by both educators and children's physiotherapists. It is to accept and stimulate the child's need for movement by letting them use a SWNX foot swing. It creates both calm and is a great help for the child, according to the experts' assessment.

Så kan du bruge tiden pædagogiske aktiviteter, der gavner alle børnene. 

Try SWNX mini for one month

Would you like to see the effect of SWNX mini at your place?

But have doubts about whether it will work? Try SWNX mini for a month for DKK 300, and get the amount deducted when you buy the foot swing.

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